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Noe Valley: San Francisco’s “Village within the City”

This month’s featured neighborhood is the charming Noe Valley. Beginning as ranch and farm land, the area now known as Noe Valley became a working-class suburb filled with gorgeous Victorian row homes and quaint store fronts in the late 19th century.

Noe Valley

Today, Noe Valley still oozes charm and class and those quaint Victorian buildings are what continue to draw people to its confines. It is known now as a family friendly neighborhood and there are many strollers and dogs along the sidewalks every day of the week. There are lots of local gems located up and down 24th and Church streets:

Noe Valley Bakery

Noe Valley Bakery and Bread Company, 4073 24th Street, (415) 550-1405

Lovejoys tea room

Lovejoy’s Tea Room, 1351 Church Street, (415) 648-5895

24th Street Cheese Co

24th Street Cheese Company, 3893 24th Street, (415) 821-6658


Bernie’s Coffee Shop, 3966 24th Street, (415) 642-1192

Just for fun and scribbledoodles

Just For Fun & Scribbledoodles, 3982 24th Street, (415) 285-4068


Pomelo, 1793 Church Street, (415) 285-2257

Noe Valley is one of San Francisco’s best kept “secrets” and you can truly live like a local and nearby the wonderful restaurants, bars, and shops along 24th and Church Streets in our wonderful Noe Valley properties:

NV492 - March 2017

Noe Valley 1BD/1BA True SF FLAT – located near the 24th Street corridor and the J-Church light rail line.

NV490 - March 2017

Uniquely San-Franciscan split-level flat offering 2BD/2BA and right along the 24th street corridor.

NVC1416 - March 2017

2BD/2BA Penthouse Flat with attached garage tandem parking located on Church Street where the J-Church Muni Line is easily accessible.